We love nothing more than inspiring people to truly transform themselves and their lives…well, we also love the beach very much. So when it was time to pick a place for our upcoming YATO retreat, it had to be Cape San Blas, Florida, one our favorite beaches in the world.

From October 5th 5:00 pm EST – October 8th, 2023 1:30 pm EST, we will leave our every day lives behind and through breath work, deep meditations, self-realization journeys, group exercises and spiritual & physical breakthrough experiences, we will create a true shift in energy to create a true shift in your life.

During our time together we will explore and focus on greater clarity for your own journey and your relationships. You will tap into the energy of your most authentic self, discover what it means to be fully YOU and learn how to give yourself permission to transcend your current limitations and move into greater FREEDOM.

You will learn how to release what does not serve you, how to turn resistance into powerful allowing, how to honor your boundaries and the boundaries of others and most importantly how amazingly unique and powerful you truly are. After all, YATO stands for You Are The One.

The focus will be on reconnecting with your true self, overcoming blocks and diving deep into the quantum field where all of creation happens.

Together we will experience the unexperienced and tap into your true potential.
YATO is the name of the game – You Are The One!

If this speaks to your soul, then join us now – space is limited!
If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out info@inspiredchannel.net

WHEN: 10/5/ 5:00pm EST – 10/8/ 2023 1:30pm EST

WHERE: Barrier Dunes Clubhouse, 190 Sabal Cir, Cape San Blas (Port Saint Joe), Florida

WHO: Kristin and Jean Nolan, founders of the INSPIRED Channel & the INSPIRED Tribe, will be your guides

The fee for the seminar includes all related activities & fruits and water will be provided during the hours of the seminar.
Accommodation & meals are NOT included.

There are many vacation rentals available on Cape San Blas varying in size & price. The retreat will be held in the Barrier Dunes Community on Cape San Blas where the4re are many vacation rental opportunities.
If you prefer a hotel, there are a few hotels in Port Saint Joe Florida, which is about 25 minutes away by car.
There are a number of great family owned restaurants on the Cape as well as two small general stores and a gas station.


YATO Retreat – $650

October 5th 5:00 pm EST – October 8th, 2023 1:30 pm EST

By booking and participating in the YATO Retreat you represent that you do this voluntarily and at your own risk.
You agree to release us from any liability resulting from your participation in the Retreat.

You also affirm that you are NOT taking any psychiatric drugs (Adderall, Xanax, Ritalin etc.)

Please note that all sales are final and no refund can be provided.

Some reviews from past YATO participants:

Good Day,

I’m a recent graduate from the last YATO retreat. My wife attended the retreat the year before, and wanted me to attend by myself. Although I was willing to go, I didn’t know if I could go alone, so she attended with me.

My experience was great, life changing to say the least. The lessons are easily relatable, and I learned a lot from it. My favorite part of the retreat was the meditations. Each session I was able to dive deeper and connect to my higher self. The instructors/coaches are amazing, they are able to easily connect with each attendee and bring out their wants and needs and help the individual to deliver on it. This was transformational.

All of the attendees who shared, shared experiences that I was able to relate to. The participants felt like family, and I love staying in touch with them and my accountable partner.

My last day was the most transforming, as I was able to connect to my higher self during mediation. It was scary at first, but so rewarding. All of the things I was asked to take from my higher self that I needed, are now with me daily at work, and in my personal life. I would recommend this retreat to everyone, and I have already started doing this. Practice makes perfect, so I make sure to put in this important work in daily. I’m thankful for the coaches and their support to have me attend with my wife, and making this such an amazing experience. My Journey has just started!



Hosts Jean and Kristin Are 100 % Committed to Going into a Very Deep Spiritual Journey to Inspire Our Core Beliefs and Allow Great Change at the Deepest Spiritual Level. I Would Absolutely Recommend That Anyone Who Wants Higher Consciousness , Self Awareness , Spiritual Self Empowerment You Have to Experience YATO YOURSELF !!!

Thank You Team Inspired 🥰

Much Love !!! Marty

Hello, and another heart felt thank you for taking the time from your vacation to spend with the group. This was my first inspirational event. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am most grateful for doing so. The techniques you both taught, the many meditations especially on the beach and your love are amazing. I know you are often used to compliments, just know mine are most sincere and heart felt. I look forward to seeing you all again and some familiar faces and give you my support.

Much love, Vince.

I showed up to YATO with an open mind and an open heart, not knowing what to expect. The retreat was life changing and I would recommend it to anyone on a journey of awakening and self discovery.  Jean and Kristin are truly masters of their craft and I have the utmost respect for their process. 

Cape San Blas is a gorgeous location to hold such a gathering. Upon my arrival,  I could immediately feel the healing properties with its natural beauty and that extra something that I can only describe as magical. 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to take the leap and show up to YATO, I say hop off that fence, moving towards the ever exspanding, innerstanding that, You Are The One. 

Jamie E.

If YATO is calling you…GO !!

A magical place with magical people.
What I found so interesting when I first attended YATO is how the focus was not on all the distractions this matrix throws us ; it is truly finnding out that..
          YOU ARE THE ONE.
Jean and Kristen and Kiara do an amazing job with the organization.
For me doing that inner work with the Nolans helped me realize that until we heal ourselves.. we aint going nowhere.  😊 
The main gift (cause there are many) that I received from my beautiful time at YATO was how to maintain a higher frequency life.
I left feeling supported by a new family and stronger knowing that 
WE WIN 🙏 .
It is a experience (if you allow it to be) that will forever enhance your life.
Thank you YATO ❤️ 🙏


“I’ve been having a hard time latching onto any hope coming in from the world as of late. It feels like anything that might look “good” or “hopeful” could just be handed to us as part of some nefarious scheme. This though is forcing me to go inward, and seek hope there. Gratefully, each time I dove for it… I’m finding it easier, and in greater abundance. Thank you Jean and Kristin (and to the rest of my YATO brothers and sisters) for helping me open paths to these reservoirs of strength I didn’t realize I had access to 💗”
YATO Retreat, Cape San Blas, FL

It was such a privilege to attend the YATO retreat on the beautiful west coast of Florida. Kristin and Jean are so generous with their time and their heartfelt compassion in leading each session with patience and guidance felt truly nurturing.

Before attending the event, I was content with my spiritual practices and routines but had a feeling I needed to clear a trauma that was keeping me fearful and stuck even though I had no conscious memory of anything specific. I soon realized being content means I was not growing! The lectures, discussions and tools we received were so helpful in understanding the many ways I repeat behavior out of habit (keeping me stagnant) and how powerful our natural state of love serves our higher purpose. I also appreciate the important breathing techniques included with the guided meditations……so empowering!

Thank you Kristin and Jean for inspiring us to heal, grow and making us feel worthy of our highest purpose. You lovingly met each one of us at the place we are on our journey and I could not be more grateful.

With sincere gratitude,


Dear Jean and Kristin,

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing, magical, spiritual, light-shining, and absolutely inspiring time I had at YATO 2023. All the memories, everything I learned, and all the beautiful souls I met will stay with me for the rest of my life. I now have a new “family”, and for that I am eternally grateful 🤍🙏💫🕊️ I am also so grateful to you for everything that you taught me. I found new meaning in life and everything going forward from here I have a clear path of what I need to do, which was the driving factor of my coming to YATO. it was so much more than I ever imagined it would be, and I’ll be counting down the days until the next retreat. All of my love to you both 🥰!!


Hi Jean and Kristin,

I’ve told many people since I’ve gotten home about the ‘EPIC’ time I had on so many levels.

My heart and soul needed this kind of time and nourishment and has for a very long time. I felt like I was led along a path of self discovery with great care and compassion … I was fully engaged in the exercises and had a fun time even in our “Tornado” watch in the ladies bathroom!

Most of all I felt more LOVE and integrity by both of you than I have in any of my larger personal growth workshops. It was perfect timing for me and I’ll continue to keep YATO 2022 close to my heart. Thank you both and Blessing right back to you!