Kristin & Jean Nolan

We are Kristin & Jean Nolan – life lovers, parents, inspirators, free spirits, teachers and creators. This is a pivotal moment in our shared human story where, above all, truth, authenticity and freedom matter the most.

We are inspired to bring back truthful information and spiritual wisdom to the center of the human conversation. Through videos, retreats, speaking engagements and many other ways we seek to show how both the connection to our Creator and physical & spiritual self-reliance are the key to a free & sovereign life.

From growing food to understanding and breaking up ancient societal power structures – everything is connected. Together as a couple and parents of three wonderful human beings, it is our greatest intention to help co-create a world where love, family, harmony, freedom and creativity are not just celebrated but lived on al levels.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to INSPIRED.

Kristin & Jean

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